Intel And Nokia Build A WiMax World

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Intel (INTC) and Nokia (NOK) have closed a deal under which the big chip company will provide the world’s largest handset company with the ability to launch WiMax enable products within a year. Sprint (S) and Clearwire (CLWR) are both in the process of building nationwide WiMax networks in the US.

According to Reuters "mobile WiMax, the high-speed wireless standard, is expected to support Internet access at speeds as much as five times faster than typical wireless networks, though it will be slower than the fastest wired services.". Reuters also reports that Intel said the companies were testing interoperability across Intel’s forthcoming WiMax silicon "Baxter Peak" for laptops and mobile Internet devices, Nokia WiMax devices and Nokia Siemens Networks’ WiMax infrastructure equipment.

Less than two years ago, WiMax was viewed as a wild dream. But, now several large countries are working on build-outs of the tech, and its is used in South Korea, the country with the highest broadband penetration in the world.

Cellular, telephone, and cable companies have had little concern about the future of WiMax. But, that is likely to change. Soon.

Douglas A. McIntyre