Verizon Claims US Cellular Service Is World’s Best

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Verizon (VZ) CEO Ivan Seidenberg must never have used an Apple (AAPL) iPhone which runs on the AT&T (T) Wireless network. The Ma Bell cellular service is notorious for dropped calls and slow 3G service.

Seidenberg told the Council of Foreign Relations that America’s cellular service quality is better than any in Asia or Europe.

Seidenberg also attacked the government for intervening in telco business operations at about the same moment as a US Court of Appeals struck down the “net neutrality” efforts of the FCC which were challenged by Comcast (CMCSA). He said “Any time the government decides it knows what the market wants and makes it a static requirement, you always lose,” according to PC Magazine.

Seidenberg’s bragging about US wireless service did not seem to be based on any hard data, at least none that he spoke about. He pointed to the heavy utilization of phones by Americans and the high percentage of smartphone use.

It is convenient that Verizon does not want to be specific about US wireless service quality. It differs among the four large carriers–Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint (S), and T-Mobile. America is so vast geographically that it varies from region to region.

And, the variations will only get greater as wireless companies introduce 4G service which is unproven when built across large areas. Sprint has opted for WiMax as its 4G infrastructure play. Verizon and AT&T will use the LTE standard. Each is likely to run into the technical shortcomings that vex all new technology which is widely distributed and used by millions of people.

No one bothered to ask Seidenberg “Can you hear me now?”

Douglas A. McIntyre