Personal Finance

According to a new survey from, roughly half of U.S. adults are the not-so-proud owners of unredeemed gift cards or store credits.
As more baby boomers retire from their jobs in the coming years, where they live, or choose to live, can have a major impact on their golden years.
With inflation remaining low and the Federal Reserve unlikely to make any changes to the funds rate, here's what's in store for interest rates on mortgages, car loans and other personal finance...
Personal income increased more in November than in October, due to gains in employee compensation, farming income and personal interest income.
Higher new vehicle prices and lower scrutiny of borrowers' reported income are leading to a rise in delinquent auto loans, particularly among borrowers with low credit scores.
The holiday season is nearly upon us, and according to a recent report about 60 million U.S. adults are planning travel or a hotel stay during this time.
Here are 20 companies that should offer investors who are retired or near retirement some added income to help make their golden years safe and sound.
Total U.S. student loan debt is more than five times higher than it was in 2013 and the average loan per borrower has nearly tripled. Who are these borrowers and will they repay?
A cost of living adjustment brought payouts up by 1.6% for the more than 63 million Americans who take Social Security benefits starting in January of 2020.
Here are 10 simple efforts that can boost your income and give you extra cash to make your retirement really feel like they are the golden years.
Nearly a quarter of U.S. spending on health care is wasted, according to a new study. That is up to $935 billion of all U.S. dollars spent on health care.
Nearly half of U.S. adults who participate in airline and hotel rewards programs have let their points or miles expire at some point, according to a new survey. Also among those who collect credit...
That experiencing a decline in income might upset somebody is a no-brainer, but new research suggests that it might literally affect the brain in negative ways.
The Charles Schwab announcement that it would go to zero commissions and fees on stock, ETF and options transactions rocked the world of online and discount brokers.
Lending money to friends and family often spawns unexpected and undesirable consequences.