Redhat (RHT) Gets A Win For Linux

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The advocates of open source keep saying that Linux will eventually start to do some real damage to Microsoft (MSFT) Windows. Well, the largest enterprise Linux company in the US, Redhat (RHT) showed that the dream is still alive.

Net income for the quarter ended August 31 rose 65 percent to $18.2 million, or 9 cents per share, from $11 million, or 5 cents, in the year-ago period. Revenue rose 28 percent to $127.3 million That is still tiny compared to Windows, but at least Linux is not dying.

On the bad news side of town, Redhat suffered another delay in the launch of the PC version of its product.

According to Reuters: "RHT Chief Executive Matthew Szulik said in an interview that the software maker is still working to translate the software into foreign languages, make sure it is compatible with different PC hardware and work out some issues relating to licensing of some of the software in the package."

You can’t win em all.

Douglas A. McIntyre