Sun Microsystems Goes After Linux

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Sun (JAVA) claims that it open Solaris software will beat Linux to a pulp. According to ComputerWorld: "Sun intends to take the operating system into markets where it hasn’t traditionally been a force, such as desktop and embedded systems, according to Marc Hamilton, vice president of Solaris marketing at Sun."

If any of these predictions come true, Redhat (RHT) and Novell (NOVL), the largest of the Linux enterprise companies need to watch out.

But, Sun makes a habit of over-promising and under-delivering. It recently announced that its new server chips would find a customer base among companies that compete with it in the enterprise server market. The company also continues to indicate that it is a growth company. Actually, it is very good at cutting costs and keeping revenue flat.

Linux has little to worry about beyond Microsoft (MSFT) Windows.

Douglas A. McIntyre