Worried about a Zombie Apocalypse? Chevy’s Got the Truck for You

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Last Friday at the Texas State Fair, the Chevrolet division of General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) showed off a concept vehicle it calls “Black Ops” based on its popular Silverado pickup truck. The concept: be prepared to survive anything from a five-minute power outage to the dreaded zombie apocalypse.

The concept truck could be something out of those old “Mad Max” movies. The Silverado includes a raised suspension, body armor and a winch. The pickup bed, pictured below, sports a Truck Vault storage system that even the most determined zombie can’t break into. The vault includes a solar power pack, gas masks, gloves, a First Aid kit, a folding shovel, and some rope. On top of the storage vault are a generator, fuel can storage, and a place to store food and water.

Chevy BlackOpsBed
Source: General Motors Co.

Remember, this is just a concept vehicle for now, so don’t rush out and start haranguing your local Chevy dealer that you must have one ASAP because the dealer is likely to call for assistance to haul you away.

And if you want the full deal right now, the folks at motorauthority.com have located just the vehicle for you.