Porsche Panamera Price Reaches $264,000

As proof of how car companies take an entry-level version of a model and tack on features to drive the price much higher, Porsche has a $263,900 version of its Panamera Sedan. The base price for the car is $78,100.

The Panamera’s lowest priced model is, by Porsche’s standards, modest. The car has a 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine with 310 horsepower (HP). Even a $32,000 Ford Mustang Fastback GT moves faster with its eight-cylinder engine. The base Panamera custom seats cost $3,100. Special headlights and a system that helps drivers park adds $6,800. Porsche probably charges extra for a cigarette lighter.

Porsche makes 13 versions of the Panamera. Up the ladder, the models add four-wheel drive, a larger engine and features packages that Porsche charges for in cheaper models. The Panamera 4S has a six-cylinder turbo engine that puts out 420 HP. Porsche still changes $3,100 for special seats and $6,800 for the special headlights and parking. The model sells for $98,300.

Porsche sells the top-end Panamera Exclusive Series for $263,900. The car is exclusive because Porsche will only build and sell 100 of them worldwide. The special light package is added for free. It has special tail lights as well. The interior leather seats come with two contrasting colors. The model has personalized floor mats. It also has a 4.8-liter V8 turbo engine that puts out 570 HP.

Is the Panamera Exclusive Series worth the money? Presumably Porsche will easily sell all 100.