Alerian MLP ETF

-$0.84 (-2.5%)
Closing price November 26, 2021
Many investors are staring at the high commodity prices and wondering what is the best way to play the energy sector. For those that need solid income and the potential for growth, the best way may...
Exchange traded funds are often seen as a way to diversify and to moderate the risks of investing directly into stocks during times of uncertainty. Yet, a quick look at some of the most popular...
Oil continues to be a drag on the markets. The Federal Reserve has been disappointed that inflation hasn’t been performing up to its target, and one such muting tool against inflation is...
Just when it looked as if crude oil prices were going to pull back, suddenly a one-day surge has taken oil back above $60 per barrel.
One sector that had been a perpetual underperformer of the great bull market has been the energy sector. But times have changed.
A quick look at the performance of some of the most popular high-yield ETFs doesn’t seem too encouraging on the surface.
The MLP-investing market just was not really braced for even more distribution cuts after what had been seen in 2015 and 2016. One unexpected cut casts a shadow over the whole group of MLPs.
The month of March was a good one for pipeline master limited partnerships. The Alerian MLP index finished the month with a gain of more than 8%.
Merrill Lynch said that the continued rebound in oil prices and the strength in fixed income markets both contributed to the recent MLP outperformance against the market.
If you went through 2015 and the first six weeks of 2016, the weakness in the oil and gas sector was something most investors have not seen in years. Now oil is back over $30.00 and nearing $35.00,...
Kinder Morgan is no longer classified as a master limited partnership. That does not mean that its relevance to MLPs has vanished, and many closed-end MLP funds still own Kinder Morgan as a result.
Fitch Ratings has warned that continued pressure in the commodities could impact the available funding for the MLPs.
It turns out that the sector for master limited partnerships (MLPs) had rolled back over. It was just in the past two weeks or so that the MLPs tried to bounce off of lows.
The idea here is not to call a bottom as much as it is to highlight how much these MLPs have come down and how much they could rise if the current analyst expectations were to pan out.
Kinder Morgan was not only not sold by MLP mutual funds following its unit roll-up. It was held, and by a large margin.