VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF

-$0.61 (-1.1%)
Closing price September 25, 2020
Short sellers were pulling out of gold mining stocks and gold ETFs in the two-week reporting period that ended September 15.
Short interest in gold mining stocks and gold ETFs was mixed in the reporting period that ended August 31. Short sellers generally reduced their positions in the miners and raised their positions in...
With one exception, gold-mining stocks and gold ETFs made modest price moves in the two-week short interest reporting period that ended August 14. Short interest nearly doubled in one gold miner.
Short interest in gold mining stocks and gold ETFs rose sharply in the two-week period ended July 31. The steep run-up in gold futures took a breather last week.
There are many reasons to believe that gold and silver can go much higher, but there also are many reasons to believe that this is yet another bubble in the works.
Short interest in gold-mining stocks and ETFs rose in the two-week reporting period ending July 15. But gold prices rose more sharply.
Gold prices have been on a tear that began more than a year ago. One segment likely to see increased profits are the gold miners. Here a several that deserve another look.
Gold has a long history of ups and downs, and it has been considered one of the key measurements of national reserves for centuries.
With China devaluing the yuan and halting purchases of U.S. agricultural products in response to President Trump's additional tariffs last week, gold and gold miners are having their day.
If tariffs and an ongoing trade war with China were not enough, now gold bugs get to cheer in silence at a 5% tariff implemented on goods coming from Mexico as an economic tool to fight illegal...
If one thing has proven true over the years and works in favor of the gold bugs, it is that the price of gold thrives on geopolitical uncertainty.
With the overhang and larger media frenzy around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies having witnessed a death of a thousand cuts, the interest in gold has been coming back with a rising price.
Monday's announcement of the $10 billion merger between gold mining giants Newmont and Goldcorp naturally leads to the question about what other firms may be on the block.
After more Federal Reserve presidents are pushing for higher U.S. interest rates, several things may be of concern to gold investors for the rest of 2016.
Coming into 2016, gold seem to be losing its luster, even further than in prior years. That was then, this is now.