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Closing price October 26, 2021
Thursday equity trading was relatively light and mostly negative. Here's a look at how four meme stocks fared as of the noon hour today.
Meme stock performance was mixed on Wednesday, with a couple of stocks posting double-digit gains while the worst losses were less than half as large.
While the gains weren't yet as big as Tuesday's, most of the meme stocks we follow were trading higher again Wednesday.
Here's a look at the performance of five meme stocks on Tuesday and where they appear to be headed on Wednesday.
Another up day for the overall market has given several meme stocks a nice boost as well.
Meme stocks are having their best day so far this week, with more stocks posting gains than absorbing losses.
Fortunes were made on GameStop and a host of other meme stocks, and the question now is who's next. These five stocks could very well fit the bill, and they all have Buy ratings from Wall Street...
Robinhood was giving back some of the past two days' big gains, while other meme stocks are vacuuming up some profit.
Meme stocks are not having a particularly good Tuesday. With one exception Robinhood.
Meme stock price moves were about evenly split between increases and decreases in the first half of Monday's trading session.
Meme stocks were generally trading higher at the noon hour Wednesday. One of the favorites was dropping though.
A conference called the Ape Festival is being held in Las Vegas next January. Who can resist? Meanwhile, positive action is the theme for Friday's morning trading session.
Short sellers were mostly reducing their positions in the two-week period ended June 30. There was one major exception, though.
Meme stocks are getting dangerously close to bear territory. Can retail investors mount a defense?
The WallStreetBets community has been a resounding force in the market since January causing many investors to reevaluate their positions. Here's a look going into this trading session.