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Closing price September 27, 2023
Autos and heavy equipment were leading markets higher, as investors made a final run pre-holiday run for the Santa Claus rally.
Several beaten-down meme stocks were getting some love as investors decided that Tuesday was a good day for taking on risk.
Reduced concern for the impact of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus lifted stocks higher on Monday. The effect appeared to be continuing in Tuesday's premarket trading.
Meme stocks got hammered in Wednesday's sell-off. Just three of the stocks in our watch list managed to post gains for the day. Thursday looked a bit better.
A federal investigation into one company's research data has caused its stock to crater, while a rebuttal of a short seller's claims have lifted another.
Some big meme stock movers from Friday weren't doing so well Monday. But one was.
A bitcoin miner was the big winner as of noon Friday, and another meme stock favorite almost got a boost from being mistaken for a much larger new name.
Donald Trump's SPAC deal continues to dominate investors' dreams, but there are other meme stocks to keep an eye on as well.
On the eve of the first U.S. Bitcoin ETF, some cryptocurrency companies were trading higher, even though the impact on them may be negligible.
While stocks struggled to keep early gains following Tuesday's dip, meme stocks were less successful at beating off sellers.
Tuesday was an overall down day for meme stocks, just as it was for equities in general. There was one big winner, though, thanks to investors who were likely chasing a short squeeze.
China's ban on cryptocurrency and expected crackdown on crypto mining have wreaked havoc among U.S.-traded crypto miners Friday morning.
U.S. equity markets were down sharply Monday, and meme stocks were no exception. Except, perhaps, one that has put up a double-digit gain.
Bitcoin miners were getting clobbered, but there wass one meme stock wearing a big smile Monday morning.
Here's a look at four meme stocks, including SmileDirectClub and IronNet, making big moves at midday Friday.