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Closing price September 26, 2023
President Biden is visiting a UAW picket line in Michigan Tuesday, a first for a sitting U.S. president.
Disney may be looking to sell its linear TV channels, Arm's IPO investors should be wildly happy Friday morning, and the UAW walks out of three auto plants, one owned by each of Detroit's Big Three.
Contract negotiations between the Detroit Three and the United Autoworkers are not going smoothly with just two weeks to go before the current contract expires. Tesla and Chinese EV makers are also...
A Vietnam-based EV maker roared out of the gate after its IPO, and OpenAI's ChatGPT is not very smart when it comes to simple math.
Before U.S. markets open Wednesday morning, these three companies will be reporting quarterly results.
Tesla shares are falling again, Bed Bath & Beyond is facing collapse and OpenAI reportedly is looking to raise more capital.
New car sales in the United States fell 8% last year, and none of the 10 top automakers has shown a share price gain so far in 2022. Will 2023 be more of the same?
24/7 Wall St. has a closer look at a few recent analyst reports on auto stocks. Despite the recent downturn, one Wall Street analyst sees upside in most of these stocks.
Tesla last week reported delivering nearly 185,000 vehicles, a new quarterly record. Can any other automaker challenge the company and when could that happen?
Chinese EV makers Nio and XPeng have reported first-quarter deliveries while investors wait to hear from Li Auto and market leader Tesla.
The Ford F-series full-size pickup once again was the best-selling vehicle in America last year.
Tesla's market cap is larger than that of the next seven largest carmakers combined. How can it not be overvalued and overpriced?
In J.D. Power's new U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index study, Fiat received the worst grade, another blow to its future in the United States.
Fiat, one of the best-selling brands in Europe, has struggled to gain traction in the United States. Its sales there have fallen every year since 2014.
New car sales in November are expected to come in more than 10% lower than sales in November 2019. But holiday car shoppers will find some Black Friday specials and somewhat better inventory of new...