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Tesla last week reported delivering nearly 185,000 vehicles, a new quarterly record. Can any other automaker challenge the company and when could that happen?
Chinese EV makers Nio and XPeng have reported first-quarter deliveries while investors wait to hear from Li Auto and market leader Tesla.
The Ford F-series full-size pickup once again was the best-selling vehicle in America last year.
Tesla's market cap is larger than that of the next seven largest carmakers combined. How can it not be overvalued and overpriced?
In J.D. Power's new U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index study, Fiat received the worst grade, another blow to its future in the United States.
Fiat, one of the best-selling brands in Europe, has struggled to gain traction in the United States. Its sales there have fallen every year since 2014.
New car sales in November are expected to come in more than 10% lower than sales in November 2019. But holiday car shoppers will find some Black Friday specials and somewhat better inventory of new...
Two leading auto industry research firms released estimates Friday for U.S. auto sales in the month of September and for the third quarter.
Auto sales in the European Union have been fallen even further than they have in the United States in the first eight months of this year.
When new car sales for July are announced next week, the numbers are expected to be better than in the past four months, but still add up to a decline of nearly 15% compared to 2019 sales.
New car sales have dropped by about a third in the second quarter of this year as buyers had to deal with the effects of the pandemic. Carmakers and dealers revved up their online appeals, but most...
The brand Americans are least likely to buy when they replace their old car with a new one is much-maligned Fiat.
It's sturdy. It's inexpensive. It only comes in four-wheel drive. And it does have not a lot of models.
Customer loyalty is the holy grail for automakers. Building that loyalty costs money and takes time. New research from J.D. Power shows which automakers have the most loyal customers.
Ford launched the first new Bronco models in nearly 25 years on Monday.