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The brand Americans are least likely to buy when they replace their old car with a new one is much-maligned Fiat.
It's sturdy. It's inexpensive. It only comes in four-wheel drive. And it does have not a lot of models.
Customer loyalty is the holy grail for automakers. Building that loyalty costs money and takes time. New research from J.D. Power shows which automakers have the most loyal customers.
Ford launched the first new Bronco models in nearly 25 years on Monday.
The Detroit Three automakers are having a lousy year that is not expected to improve much. But what about next year, and the year after that? Which one is better positioned to claw back profits in a...
Second-quarter sales from the three major U.S. carmakers fell by more than a third year over year. A recovery in May and June could fizzle though and the summer could be a bust for manufacturers and...
Tesla announced Thursday that it delivered more than 90,000 vehicles in the second quarter despite the fact that its California plant was closed for 41 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
More than two dozen state and local governments along with several environmental groups and five automakers have indicated their intention to file briefs in a lawsuit against the EPA related to...
Debt rating agency Moody's has downgraded some $130 billion in automakers' debt.
Automaker Fiat Chrysler is reportedly near a deal for $7.1 billion in Italian-government backed loans to guarantee liquidity as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. But the deal may be...
The pandemic has caused supply and demand problems for Ford and damaged consumer confidence.
Car sales in Europe imploded in April, hurting the ambitions of two of America's largest car companies.
Even as Ford plants reopen the coronavirus has cut demand and rattled the supply chain, as well as shareholders.
Ford intends to restart the assembly lines at its North American factories on May 18. The plants have been closed since March 19 because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Ford's balance sheet troubles and junk-rated debt make a recovery difficult. The company has to get back on its feet quickly.