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Closing price February 19, 2020

Evaluating the Dividend and Tax Selling in Utilities, Closer to Attractive with Patience

The utility sector has suffered the wrath of selling. As these are all high-dividend stocks and as many long-term investors had substantial capital gains, the investment community has been selling ...
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2012 Election Winners and Losers: Coal, Dividends, Health Care, Utilities, Oil and More

Election Day has come and gone. President Obama won a second term. The current electoral vote was by a margin of about 3 to 2 (unofficial), but the percentage last ...
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Election Day Rally… Risk-On or Inflation Trade?

On the day that the Presidential election is happening, investors are throwing money into the inflation winners. The problem is that maybe this is not an inflation trade. Maybe it ...
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Twelve Major Dividend Hikes Expected Before the End of 2012

Most investors have discovered that earning less than 1% per year in short-term Treasuries or even less than 2% out in the 10-year Treasury is no fun. Longer-dated Treasury bonds also ...
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More Evidence of the Dividend Bubble, Utilities Looking Scarier

By now you know that we have started to become cautious on some of the top dividend stocks.  It is not that we think anything is wrong at the companies, ...
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Dividend Risks Inflating

Investors cannot make any money in the bond market right now merely by buying and holding Treasury bonds forever. The problem is that Treasury yields are at record lows. In ...
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Utilities Have Become The New CDs and Bonds For Income Investors

We are mostly in a world where many investors are now just willing to settle for a "return of capital" rather than a "return on capital."  Still, retirees and investors ...
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Investors Finding Safety Again in Utilities, When Dividends Rule (WTR, AWK, PPL, DUK, ED, NEE, AEP, XLU)

By now the markets figured out that all of this week's preliminary jobs numbers did in fact call it right that the unemployment and jobs report was right.  So investors ...
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Investors Flocking To Defensive Shares With High Dividends (PEP, KO, BUD, TAP, AWK, AEP, XLU, MCD, KFT, CAG, CPB, HRL, MO, VGR, RAI, PG, KMB, CL, MRK, PFE, JNJ, T, VZ)

The 10-year Treasury hit yet another record low under 1.6% today and stocks are in the tank again due to poor economic data.  Europe continues to face a meltdown and ...
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The Best Value High-Yield and High-Return Utilities (XLU, EXC, ETR, AEP, PEG)

The utility sector has been a rather poor performer so far in 2012, as investors have sought growth and less dependence on high payouts, and higher dividend taxes could be ...
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Chasing High Dividends: Utilities Approaching Bargain Territory (AEP, EXC, CEG, PEG, XLU)

2011 was the year of the utility stocks offering investors high dividend yields of well over 4.0%.  2012 has not gone so well for the sector, with 25 of the 34 ...
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AEP Takes Valuation Downgrade (AEP, XLU)

American Electric Power Company (NYSE: AEP) saw a great 2011 and its earnings should hold up incredibly well if Ben Bernanke and friends at the Federal Open Market Committee live ...
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Solar Tries For Significant 2012 Comeback (FSLR, WFR, TAN, KWT, SPWR, STP, YGE, LDK, ENER, XLU)

So far we are seeing a continued rotation. What worked great in 2011 is being sold and the worst performing groups are being bought.  No sector with as many names ...
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The 2012 Trade: Dump Utilities, Buy Banks… So Far (XLU, XLF, BAC, JPM, AEP, DUK)

The trade in 2011 was to go out and turn utility stocks into the new investment for retirees seeking income.  They couldn't exactly get any big yield in certificates of ...
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AEP Joins 2012 Model Dividend Portfolio (AEP, XLU, NEE, PPL)

American Electric Power Co., Inc. (NYSE: AEP) refuses to falter in the current market despite many headwinds of uncertainty. This is a very defensive play that has very little to ...
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