Sony PS3: The Gang That Could’nt Shot Straight

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Sony (SNE) has set a new low in screwing up its PS3. Already well behind Microsoft (MSFT) Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii in sales, the big Japanese consumer electronics company said its would delay its new  "Home" virtual community service for the PS3 to early next year, the latest setback in its battle with Microsoft and Nintendo, according to Reuters.

Sony is still sticking with its target to sell 11 million PS3s in its fiscal year that will end in March, but it has not announced an anticipated price cut.

But, Sony is making it hard on themselves. Xbox 360 is launching it new "Halo 3" game which should push up sales of that game console. The Nintendo Wii does not need any help. It production can barely keep up with demand.

It looks like Sony is facing another year or two or more of losses in its gaming unit. Sir Howard Stinger must be steaming.

Douglas A. McIntyre