Apple Way Ahead This Quarter, In-Line Guidance (AAPL)

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After today’s close we got to see earnings out of Apple (NASDAQ: APPL).  Steve Jobs & Co. posted $1.16 EPS and $7.51 Billion in revenues. The estimates from First Call were $1.07 EPS on $6.96 billion in revenues.  Gross margin was 32.9%, down from 35.1% a year ago and international sales accounted for 44% of the quarter’s revenue. More specifically, the following metrics were given for individual sales of its products:

  • Apple shipped 2,289,000 Macintosh,
  • sold 10,644,000 iPods,
  • iPhone sales were 1,703,000

The company also gave guidance of $1.00 EPS on $7.2 Billion in revenues.  Next quarter estimates are $1.10 EPS on $7.16 million in revenues.

Shares closed up 1.7% at $162.89 in regular trading and shares are up less than 1% at $163.00 in after-hours reaction.  So far, this is the lowest reaction in after-hours trading on this stocks earnings.  It is very surprising to see such a small reaction.

Jon C. Ogg
April 23, 2008