Ninetendo Paints A Target On Apple (AAPL)

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Nintendo wants revenge. Now that Apple (AAPL) has come out with an iPhone that can download games, the Japanese company appropriately believes that Steve Jobs wants their business.

According to BusinessWeek, the new Nintendo DSi will connect to the internet via WiFi and will allow for downloads of music, video, data, and games. Nintendo has sold 77 million units of the DS line.

For the time being, Nintendo probably has nothing to worry about. The new 3G iPhone has had problems with connections to AT&T’s (T) high-speed network. It is not clear that consumers are even aware that the iPhone is set up to play video games.

Nintendo, on the other hand, has expanding beyond old-line gaming to products including the Wii Fit. If its WiFi system works well, it may take some holiday market share from Apple.

Douglas A. McIntyre