Apple “Curvelet”: Jumping on the Curved Screen Bandwagon?

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A curved phone may sound very ergonomic for those of us who carry phones in our pockets. There may be more than meets the eye here, no pun intended, on word that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is rumored to be working on its own curved-screen phone. We have been waiting for that larger iPhone to come out, hopefully one not as heavy as an iPhone 5.

The question to consider about a curved phone is whether there would be any distortion in the screen. The Verge recently reported that even Samsung may be a bit confused by its own launch, and LG is also in the game.

It seems more logical that Apple should try to release that larger iPhone “phablet” instead of a curved phone that is so much newer. And it begs the question, if a larger phone is a “phablet,” is a curved phone going to be called a “curvelet”?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has had real problems in its stock since the most recent earnings report. We had a feature of 10 serious reasons Apple is falling rather than rallying, and nothing has changed there.

It seems almost possible that Apple may be floating newer and newer rumors to see which are more attractive to consumers. That is not a unique strategy actually, but there easily can be some confusion at the consumer level.

Unfortunately, Apple just does not seem to be the same innovator that it was just a few years ago. A “curvelet” does not exactly seem that innovative, if there are already two others ahead of it, and likely at cheaper-than-Apple prices.

If you want more detail on what has been reported about the next generation iPhone, Bloomberg offered some key descriptions this past weekend. Apple’s stock price was down 1% at $515.40 in late-morning trading on Monday.