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Women Like Apple Watch More Than Men Do

Source: courtesy of Apple Inc.
If the Apple Watch from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is going to be a raging success, that success looks like it will be driven by women. When the Apple Watch was first announced last September, 74% of women said they liked the watch, while just 56% of men had the same sentiment.

After a second look at sentiment for the device, crowdsourcing service CrowdFlower reported last week that about 55% of men are still positive about the Apple Watch while women’s positive sentiment is now about 10 points higher. But nearly 45% of men now have negative sentiment toward the device while about 35% of women are negative on the watch. According to CrowdFlower, overall sentiment for the Apple Watch is about 56% positive.

Judging by the number of tweets related to the Apple Watch, men are more opinionated than women. CrowdFlower said that 70% of all tweets about the watch were posted by men, “a staggering number when you consider there are actually 1.6 million more female Twitter users than male ones.” What that says about the Apple Watch is probably less important than what it says about how the sexes respond to new technology and to the proportion of men who believe they have something important to say about everything.

Of the 74% of women who said they liked the Apple Watch last September, the same percentage said they wanted to buy one. CrowdFlower now reports:

Men’s and women’s sentiment is still overall positive, but it’s nowhere near the giddy highs of September 2014. And remember: this is sentiment about the watch from observers and purchasers. We went from a majority of Twitter users wanting to buy the thing to a slim majority feeling positive about it at all.

Dissatisfaction with app performance and delivery amounted to about half of all the negative sentiment for the Apple Watch while more than half of the positive sentiment was related to apps. The takeaway from that is that the success of the Apple Watch depends on the device’s ecosystem and how well it meets users’ expectations. So far, at least, the enthusiasm seems to be fairly restrained.

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