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35% of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners Want Refund, 26% Want iPhone 7: Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey recently reported than only 5% of consumers are extremely likely to buy and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 7. All of them must be disgruntled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners based on another piece of research Survey Monkey did the same day. Over one third (35%) of the Galaxy Note 7  owners want refunds. Over a quarter (26%) want to buy an iPhone 7.

According to a Survey Monkey tweet:

35% prefer to get refund for while 26% say they’ll get an

The conventional wisdom is that the Samsung debacle could cost it the spot it has at the top of the smartphone pyramid. The wisdom is usually married with the belief that iPhone 7 sales will benefit, even if the Apple product is a runaway success. Even if Apple does poorly, Samsung is the greater loser.

The answer, whatever it is, will have to wait for research from IDC or Gartner, which tend to give accurate reflections of smartphone sales by quarter and not guesses.