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This Year's Most Expensive NFL Tickets


With only eight home games for a team in a season, NFL tickets tend to be the most expensive on average. After the 2014 NFL schedule was released, tickets started flooding onto the secondary market giving fans an idea how much games would cost this season. Of the top ten teams with the most expensive home average price on the secondary market during the regular season, surprisingly only four were playoff teams in 2013. The other teams are storied franchises in large media markets with tons of fan support. With how last season ended, there’s not much surprise to see which two teams have the most expensive home games in the league. Base on data from TiqIQ

1) San Francisco 49ers | Season Avg. $485.85

The San Francisco 49ers have been arguably the most successful team in the league over the last few seasons. This season they’re moving into a new stadium, and that helps bump San Francisco 49ers tickets to the most expensive in the league. At an average of $485.85, tickets are 69 percent higher than the league average of $287. The 49ers schedule features plenty of exciting games, but the highest average is when they welcome in their division rival the Seattle Seahawks on November 27. The two teams have split their season series the last two seasons, but it was the Seahawks that won in the playoffs to advance to the Super Bowl last year. 49ers tickets are averaging $624 for the game, with a get-in price at $253.

2) Seattle Seahawks | Season Avg. $452.34

It’s fitting that the two teams that finished as the top two in the NFC last season, finished in the top two spots on this list. CenturyLink Field has been the best home field advantage in recent seasons and Seahawks ticket prices certainly reflect that excitement. Seahawks tickets are 58 percent higher than the league average. After winning the Super Bowl last season the Seahawks schedule starts against the Green Bay Packers, Thursday, September 4 as part of the league’s kickoff weekend. The game is the most expensive of the season for the Seahawks with an average price of $576 and a get-in price of $222.

3) New England Patriots | Season Avg. $414.22

As he final team on this list with an average price over $400, New England Patriots tickets have been near the top of the league for years. The top game on the Patriots schedule is a rematch of last season’s AFC Championship game, and another anticipated Tom Brady-Peyton Manning match-up. The average price of the November 2 game is $514 with a get-in price of $214. Overall, the Patriots season average of $414.22 is 44 percent higher than the league average.

Based on data from TiqIQ

4) New York Giants | Season Avg. $366.34

The New York Giants had their worst season since 2004 last season, finishing with a 7-9 record. Still, the team has always been a big draw in the countries number one media market, and is still reaping the benefits of the creation of MetLife Stadium. Giants tickets are 28 percent higher than the league average. The most expensive game on the New York Giants schedule is against their division rival the Washington Redskins on December 14, a team coming off an equally disappointing season. The average price is $439 with a get-in price of $126.

5) Chicago Bears | Season Avg. $348.99

The Chicago Bears have missed the playoffs after disappointing finishes the last several years, but the Bears tickets average of $348.99 is still 22 percent higher than the season average. Once again the biggest draw on the Bears schedule is their game against the Packers. Last season the Bears lost to the Packers on the final day of the regular season to miss the playoffs. Bears tickets are averaging $427 with a get-in price of $192 when they welcome in the Packers September 28.

6) Pittsburgh Steelers | Season Avg. $328.12

The Pittsburgh Steelers rebounded from a 0-4 start to finish 8-8 and avoid their first losing season since 2003 last year. That sustained success is a big reason Steelers tickets are 14 percent higher than the league average. The Steelers schedule pits them against the AFC South this season, and the Steelers most expensive game is against the Indianapolis Colts on December 21. Tickets are averaging $410 for the game with a get-in price of $99.

7) Dallas Cowboys | Season Avg. $322.28

It’s certainly not shocking to see the Dallas Cowboys on this list, as one of the most popular teams in the country. Despite missing the playoffs on the last day of the season the last three years, America’s team always seems to be a big draw. This season is no different; Cowboys tickets are 12 percent higher than the league average. The Cowboys schedule does them no favors, with a game against the 49ers week one. The two franchises are certainly familiar with each other after their rivalry in the 90s, and that’s reflected in the price. The game is the highest priced ticket for the Cowboys with an average price of $371 and a get-in price of $121.

8) Washington Redskins | Season Avg. $304.19

After a disappointing season, the Redskins had a busy offseason. They replaced head coach Mike Shanahan with Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, and signed receiver DeSean Jackson. Redskins tickets are six percent higher than the league average, and rise even higher for the game against the Cowboys. The two franchises have been involved in several classics over the years, and they’ll meet on the final day of the season this year. The average price of the game is $330 with a get-in price of $88.

9) Baltimore Ravens | Season Avg. $302.47

Staying in Maryland, the Baltimore Ravens tickets are five percent higher than the league average. The Ravens missed the playoffs a season after winning the Super Bowl, but had a lot of turnover in between seasons. The team started to come together near the end of the year, and the team hopes that progress continues into this year. The Ravens schedule has the second Thursday night game of the season when they renew one of the sports best rivalries with the Steelers. The tickets are the highest for the Ravens with an average price of $349 and a get-in price of $129.

10) Denver Broncos | Season Avg. $299.84

The Denver Broncos got blown out in the Super Bowl last season, so they responded with a big offseason shopping spree and anything short of a championship will be a disappointment. Broncos tickets are four percent higher than the season average, and their October 29 game against the 49ers is one of the most expensive NFL games of the season. With an average price of $537 and a get-in price of $187 it’s the most expensive game on the Broncos schedule.