It Is 124 Degrees in This City Now, Which Is Deadly

Hot temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit are not unusual through parts of India, Pakistan and some nations in the Middle East. Temperatures over 120 degrees are, however, extraordinary. The temperature at the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq topped 124 degrees today. In nearby Kerbala, which is southeast of Baghdad, the figure was the same.

The two locations in Iraq are in the center of the country, about equidistant from Kuwait in the south and Syria in the north. Cities in parts of these two countries are also often above 120 degrees.

Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, has just over 7.1 million residents. Consulting firm Mercer annually ranks the quality of cities. Baghdad ranked dead last of the 231 cities measured. The rating is based on safety, the political environment, the economic environment, medical health, public services and transportation, schools and housing, among other things.

The Mayo Clinic points out the dangers of extremely hot weather. Heatstroke begins when the body reaches 104 degrees. Unless the condition is treated quickly, the brain, kidneys and muscles can be damaged. Without rapid treatment, humans can experience “serious complications” or death, the medical center reports.

The heat levels in Baghdad can easily kill hundreds of people. Deaths from heat are also common in India and Pakistan.

The Baghdad International Airport is located on the eastern edge of the city. It is one of the largest airports in the Middle East and serves about 7 million travelers a year. It is a major hub for Iraq Air, Emirates and Qatar Airways.

Global experts warn that the hottest areas in the world will get much hotter. Scientific American recently reported that temperatures in these extremely hot areas could rise as much as five degrees. That could put temperatures in the Middle East, India and Pakistan over 130 degrees during the hottest times of the year. Many humans cannot survive long at that temperature.