At the World's Hottest Place Today, It Is 121 Degrees

Typically, the hottest place in the world on any given day is in India, Pakistan, the Middle East or northern Africa. Daytime temperatures in these regions can top 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which can endanger residents. Today, however, the hottest place in the world is in Fiji, where the peak temperature in one area will hit just over 121 degrees, according to El Dorado Weather.

Nadi, Fiji, is on the nation’s largest island. Fiji, in the South Pacific, covers over 330 islands. It sits east of Australia and north of New Zealand. It covers about 7,000 square miles and has a population of just over 900,000. Nadi is on the west coast of the island on Nadi Bay, which is part of the Pacific Ocean.

Nadi has a population of 50,000. Tourism is a mainstay of its economy. It is a major transportation hub for the country and has its largest airport.

Average high temperatures are at or near 90 degrees Fahrenheit most months of the year, and it can hit 100 degrees, but much less often. Rain is heavy in January, February and March. It drops sharply from June through August.

Temperatures over 102 degrees can be highly dangerous to humans. The Weather Channel points out: “Delirium, seizures, and/or a loss of consciousness signal heat stroke, the most-serious and lethal heat-related condition.” Extremely high heat also can cause organ damage.

The weather forecast for Nadi calls for a drop in temperature, which is extremely lucky for its residents.