These Are the American Cities Where It Has Never Snowed

It has begun to snow in the United States, as is generally the case this time of year. There have been no staggering blizzards yet. Occasionally the media will name storms as they do hurricanes. Experts almost universally have rejected this as misleading and irresponsible. There have been no named storms so far in 2020, and this vanity may disappear eventually. As the winter progresses, at least a small amount of snow will blanket much of America at one point or another. If history holds any lesson, it is that there will be some blizzards before the spring. However, in some U.S. cities, it has never snowed since experts began to keep records.

The most recent areas of snow are in northern Idaho and Montana, near the Canadian border. Another area of snow currently reaches across southern Montana. These areas may get more than their share of snow this winter. The northern tier of states is forecast to have temperatures cooler than or around normal. Much of the area also is expected to be either wetter than normal or near average.

Some parts of the country rarely get snow. The average winter temperatures in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas are above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The cities where it has never snowed are in two of these states: California and Florida.

Accuweather provided the data on these “no snow” cities and said, “We reviewed historical information for observing sites across the far southern U.S. We determined that the following cities have not observed snow in their recorded history.”

These are the American cities where it has never snowed.

Location No Snow Since
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1948
Canal Point, Florida 1953
Devils Garden, Florida 1955
Flamingo, Florida 1950
Hialeah, Florida 1948
Immokalee, Florida 1970
Sarasota, Florida 1948
Lakeland, Florida 1948
Punta Gorda, Florida 1948
Archibold Bio Station (Sebring), Florida 1969
Bradenton, Florida 1965
San Pasqual, California 1978
Hollister, California 1975
Oakland, California 1970
Salinas, California 1958