This Is The Best American City For Singles

Cinch Home Services recently released a study about the best and worst cities to be single. According to a analysis of the study:

To come up with its findings, Cinch looked at the 100 largest cities. They were ranked by a combination of the percentage of the population that is single; average wages after taxes; median rent for a one-bedroom apartment; and the number and ratings of recreational activities.

A look at the study shows that according to the “Cinch Singles Index”, their research can pick the best and worst cities for singles. The company considered data from the Census, Yelp, and rent measuring firm Nuemo.

The “Cinch Singles Index” is actually several indices. They include the best place to be single by age, the cities best for people who have broken up with partners, the best cities for places for singles to meet one another, and the best cities for singles financially. It also broke down the best cities for single men and single women.

About 50% of adult Americans are single. That is up from just over 20% in 1950. Why? People don’t marry so young. One expert, Eric Klinenberg, sociology professor at New York University and author of “Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone”, writes more people are looking for soul mates, which presumably takes a long time, and may never produce a partner. Ironically he adds, there are more and more ways for people to meet one another through processes that include dating sites. Apparently, a broader net does not create more partners.

Among the 100 cities, the best on the list is San Francisco. The study’s authors noted:

San Francisco ranked first as the number one city to be single in 2021. This means that San Francisco had the best average score, overall, for the number of other singles, wages, one-bedroom rent and quality and quantity of leisurely offerings. The fact that this city has notoriously high rental prices (some of the highest in the world) should tell you just how many other singles and activities are available to meet and try, respectively.

San Francisco is the 12th largest metro area in America with a population of 4,696,902.

According to the Census, the city itself has a population of 881,549. About 40% of the population is White. Another 35% is Asian, and 15% Hispanic. It has one of the highest median household incomes of any city in America at $123,859, which is close to half the national number. It also has a low poverty rate of 9.5%.

The weakness of the study is that it did not interview people from city to city. That leaves a broad blanket of data, without local information to support it.

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