24/7 Wall St. TV: Funding Healthcare, Taxing The Obese

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The Administration and Congress are looking for ways to close the funding gap for the $1 trillion national health care overhaul.

The hospital industry has already agreed to $155 billion in concessions and pharma companies have come through with $80 billion. That still leaves a substantial shortage.

Taxing the obese, smokers, and drunks may be the only way to close the gap on the costs of the proposed $1 trillion health care overhaul. A proposed surtax on the rich, whether it is fair or not, will not provide enough in new receipts to the IRS.

The obese create a disproportionate amount of national health care costs. The overweight and obese are almost two-thirds of the US adult population. These citizens should not be denied health care, but they should carry their own weight by paying higher taxes to offset their costs to the system

24/7 Wall St. TV executive producer: Philip MacDonald