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Global COVID-19 Cases Top 60 Million

Global confirmed cases of COVID-19 moved above 60 million up by 700,000 in just the last day. Deaths stand at 1,416,000. The course of the disease has accelerated rapidly in the last two weeks.

Several nations make up the lion’s share of the figure

The U.S. confirmed cases stand at 12,679,209, and are rising at a pace faster than 150,000 a day. Deaths have reached 263,525. The daily death rate of nearly 2,000 is the highest it has been since May.

Confirmed cases in India stand at 9,264,820 and are growing at a 50,000 a day pace. Deaths stand at 135,245.

Brazil has 6,121,449 confirmed cases and 170,179 deaths.

Russia has 2,162,503 confirmed cases and 37,538 deaths.

France has 2,153,815 confirmed cases and 50,237 deaths

Most experts believe the global figures are low, largely because of low testing rates and the inability of many nations to track deaths attributable to the disease.