24/7 Wall St. On Water (WTR, INSU, PIO, KO, SMWIX)

We have partnered with in Canada for a weekly Internet radio discussion about Water as an investing strategy for U.S. and Canadian investors.  The focus here is a discussion about the overall investing climate around water as a stock sector rather than a mechanism for giving many individual stock recommendations.  Jon Ogg of 24/7 Wall St. is interviewed in this Internet radio feature here at

The stocks and tickers discussed today were as follows:

  • Aqua America (WTR)
  • Insituform (INSU) 
  • SAM Sustainable Water Fund (SMWIX)
  • PowerShares Global Water (PIO)
  • American Water Works… upcoming IPO
  • Coca-Cola (KO)

If you are an investor that wants to invest in water or interested in learning about water investing you’ll want to listen to the report that lasts only about 9 minutes or so.  This is not covering only the bullish side and not meant as a tout for any single water stocks.