Will Germany Kill the World's Fastest Roads?

Germany may put a speed limit on the Autobahn, a group of highways that spreads over most of the country. It is the only large set of roads in the developed world where drivers can race along without a speed limit. If the regulations go into effect, a decades-long tradition will die, and along with it the amazing pace of BMWs, Mercedes, Audis and more powerful cars.

The speed may be limited to reduce engine emissions and crash dangers. There is no solid evidence that Autobahn speeds are more dangerous that American highways, where drivers routinely travel at 80 miles per hour, although that is usually above the legal limit.

The network of German unlimited speed highways is over 8,000 miles long. It does have a speed limit around some cities.

The Autobahn has been the equivalent of a race track used to test high-speed handling. Germans may have to go to those tracks soon, if they want to open up their throttles.