Short Sellers Line Up Against CMGI & Incubators (May 2007) (CMGI, ICGE, SFE)

Stock Tickers: CMGI, ICGE, SFE

The short sellers are lining up their bets against CMGI (CMGI-NASDAQ).  To add fuel to the fire, the shorts are also lining up bets against the other two ‘incubators’: Internet Capital Group (ICGE-NASDAQ) and Safeguard Scientifics (SFE-NYSE).  CMGI earnings are coming out soon, it will be interesting to see if these short bets are right or wrong.  CMGI shares are up almost 75% year to date and we don’t need to remind anyone of the internet bubble day prices in the stock.  The company has been transforming itself into ModusLink as its operating unit, and its @Ventures unit is still alive as an Internet incubator and has been increasing its investments in alternative energy.

Stock (Ticker)                  MAY         APRIL    Change    FLOAT%   
CMGI (CMGI)                 27.35M    22.48M    19.8%        5.9%
Internet Cap. (ICGE)    4.81M       4.64M       3.7%        13.7%
Safeguard Sci. (SFE)   6.62M       5.98M      10.69%     5.5%

Jon C. Ogg
May 25, 2007

Jon Ogg can be reached at; he does not own securities in the companies he covers.