CMGI Braces For Earnings (CMGI, SFE)

Today we’ll get to see earnings out of CMGI Inc. (NASDAQ: CMGI).  First and foremost, we’d note that the actual estimates are a guide and that this one almost seems like it acts on its own and any “formal estimates” are not as set in stone as with larger companies.

The estimates for the supply chain management company and internet incubator from First Call are $0.21 EPS on $315 million in revenues, although we would caution that there are only two estimates listed.  Next quarter estimates are $0.12 EPS on $282.1 million in revenues. Estimates for fiscal July-2008 are $0.60 EPS on $1.14 billion in revenues.

We’ve only seen one target at $22.00 and that is an old one.  CMGI does have a significant short interest of $4.022 million shares as of the end of February, up slightly from the prior report.            

CMGI’s 52-week trading range is $9.66 to $26.00, although we would note that this is after a reverse-split adjustment so it isn’t quite as representative as it sounds.

The company did recently make a new acquisition just last month.

Last quarter, CMGI said it would focus on gross margins with expanded offerings and lowering of infrastructure costs.  Its goal was to reach 12% to 14% margins with cost cuts.  One other issue that was noted was that the company expects to continue to derive the vast majority of operating revenue from sales to a small number of key clients.

We routinely have CMGI screened for our “10 Stocks Under $10” newsletter, although there hasn’t been a call there on this one of late because of price constraints.  A perceived competitor is Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE), and that was just added to the newsletter list this weekend.

Jon C. Ogg
March 10, 2008