Media Digest 7/15/2007

According to Reuters, the group lead by RBS has raised its bid for ABN Amro (ABN) by increasing the cash component of the offer.

Reuters writes that Ford (F) is now cosidering selling its Volvo unit.

Reuters reports that the Dubai stock market is making a bid for OMX that will compete with Nasday (NDAQ).

Philips Electronics (PHG) increased earnings by 22% according to Reuters.

The Wall Street Journal reports that one of the members of the founding family that controls Dow Jone (DJ) is trying to block its sale to Rupert Murdoch.

The Wall Street Journal writes that China is about to pass Germany as the world’s third largest economy.

The New York Times writes that Sony (SNE) will launch a new website for aspiring film markets.

The FT says that the head of Cisco (CSCO) believes that Web 2.0 will lead to a period of productivity that has not been seen since the internet boom.

Douglas A. McIntyre