Nintendo’s US Sales Smack Microsoft (MSFT) And Sony (SNE)

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New data out from NPD, show Nintendo putting the wood to Sony (SNE) and Microsoft (MSFT) in game console sales during June.

PC World provided a table of June sales compared to May:

562,000 – Nintendo DS (+25%)
381,800 – Nintendo Wii (+13%)
290,100 – Playstation Portable (+24%)
198,400 – Xbox 360 (+28%)
98,500 – Playstation 3 (+20%)

Nintendo’s lead is now astonishingly wide and does not appear to be flagging as time goes on. The company recently announced that is earnings in the last quarter rose three-fold. This stands in contrast to the recent hardware Microsoft has had with its Xbox and the extended warranty it had to offer customers.

Nintendo’s success is an unlikely one, given the company’s relative size, especially 18 months ago. But, the Wii was different enough to be disruptive and appeals to consumers outside the hardcore gaming crowd.

And, that has been more than enough.

Douglas A. McIntyre