Pepsi (PEP): Why Consumers Love Aquafina

Most people have been drinking tap water all of their lives. It is a bit surprising that consumers who have been raised on one beverage take a liking to another.

Desani, a desginer water which is owned by Coca-Cola (KO) come from tap water. The put the H2O through “filtered using a process called reverse osmosis and enhanced with minerals”, according to The Associated Press. That must make it worth a few dollars a bottle.

Now a group calling itself Corporate Accountability International want Pepsi (PEP) to admit that Aquafina comes from municipal sources and not some mountain spring. Pepsi probably puts it stuff through a special filter like Coke does. And, the bottle with the picture of the mountain on it has to be expensive.

Consumers like expensive bottled water because it tastes just like the water they were reared on.

It is the water they were reared on.

Douglas A. McIntyre