New York Times (NYT) Online Troubles

Douglas A. McIntyre

1186074564_1756603162_16425 As the data from Hitwise shows, traffic to the website has dropped 15% over the last year. In a note from teh audience measurement company: According to Hitwise, the US market share of visits to the website is down 15% comparing July 2007 versus July 2006. Please note that this figure represents traffic to websites and does not include traffic to sub-domains such as .

The company said In the second quarter, internet revenues grew 23.4 percent to $80.9 million from $65.6 million in the second quarter of 2006. But, the NYT’s franchise grew more quickly: Total About Group revenues increased 27.0 percent to $24.7 million from $19.4 million  So, growth at the company’s online versions of its print properties was not as strong.

Perhaps the drop in audience at contributed.

Douglas A. McIntyre