The Media Gaffe of the Week (September 8, 2007)

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Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and many of the mistakes just don’t point themselves out as a major gaffe.  Computers are only so smart, and even Gaff or Gaffe make the cut on spell checking.   Forget about abbreviations and initials being caught.

But the MEDIA GAFFE OF THE WEEK goes to Financial Times, who must think that white supremacists are getting into the M&A GAME we have seen.  Obviously "KKK" is supposed to be KKR, and that editorial room probably got a good laugh out of it later.  Unfortunately, the mere mention of this group enrages many so many won’t find this with any humor at all.  Hence, the media gaffe of the week.

The Financial Times did finally correct their mistake if you look at the link now, although I did take a picture here (see below) so you can see how it was originally run.  It also stayed that way for quite some time.  The Brits probably don’t know who the KKK is in the colonies, but they aren’t exactly the world’s most popular group.

Here is the file we saved from Yahoo! Finance where we first noticed this.
Download kkr_not_kkk.htm

Jon C. Ogg
September 8, 2007