Media Digest 9/27/2007 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Barron's

According to Retuers, BA (BAB) ordered $8.2 billion in planes from Airbus and Boeing (BA) .

Reuters writes that Marriott (MAR) plans to quadruple its hotels in China.

Reuters reports that first day sales of Microsoft’s (MSFT) Halo 3 hit $170 million.

The Wall Street Journal writes that a group planning to buy Sallie Mae (SLM) for $25 billion has back out of the deal.

The Wall Street Journal writes that an internatl probe at Siemens (SI) may have found $2.3 billion in suspicious transactions, much more than previously thought.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Merrill Lynch (MER) may have to write down $4 billion in mortgage and private equity loans.

The Wall Street Journal writes that new bidders have emerged for Wendy’s (WEN) offering competition to billionaire Nelson Peltz.

The New York Times writes that a group of seven of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies hopes to develop genetic tests to determine which patients would be at risk of drug side effects.

The FT writes that Google (GOOG) plans a tremendous expansion of its engineering staff in Europe.

The FT said that Microsoft (MSFT) will release a major upgrade to its search technology.

Barron’s writes that Vonage (VG) lost a patent appeal against Verizon (VZ)

Douglas A. McIntyre