NYSE Launches New Target Date ETF’s (TDD, TDH, TDN, TDV, TDX)

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NYSE Euronext started trading five multi-asset class and multi-target date ETF’s referred to as TDAX Independence ETFs on NYSE Arca.  These ETF’s are designed to track the performance of the Zacks Lifecycle Indexes to draw exposure from three broad asset classes:

  • international equities,
  • domestic equities,
  • and fixed income.

These ETFs will be reconstituted and rebalanced annually, or quarterly when necessary, based on the Zacks methodology.  Here are the ETF’s: 

  • TDAX Independence 2010 ETF (NYSE:TDD)
  • TDAX Independence 2020 ETF (NYSE:TDH)
  • TDAX Independence 2030 ETF (NYSE:TDN)
  • TDAX Independence  2040 ETF (NYSE:TDV)
  • TDAX Independence  In-Target ETF (NYSE:TDX)

Jon C. Ogg
October 2, 2007