China Looks At Buying Stakes In KKR, Carlyle, Or TPG

China’s Social Security Fund, which manages over $61 billion in assets, appears to have an aggressive interests in getting further into the US private equities markets. Talks have slowed somewhat because the investment by China Investment Corp into Blackstone (BX) has not turned out as well as was planned.

But, the SSF is now considering buying up to 9.9% in KKR, Carlyle, or TPG, according to the FT.

Members of Congress have voiced concern about deals of this kind and have already questioned an investment in Bear Stearns (BSC) by China’s Citic Securities. How a minority investment in a brokerage or private equity firm would effect the national interest or compromise government secrets is not entirely clear.

But, Congress will still want to look into it.

Douglas A. McIntyre