Sohu = So Huge (SOHU, BIDU)

Well, after looking at the news it is of little surprise that (NASDAQ:SOHU) is on fire in after hours trading.

Last week (NASDAQ:BIDU) ran up on what logic should have dictated as an opportunity to take profits after the quarter was only a bit above expectations and the guidance was merely in-line.  The new search data  results show why investor excitement is there despite what the company said. (NASDAQ:SOHU) is defying that as any sort of trend out of a “Chinese Web Stock” as it beat earnings and raised guidance. posted earnings at $0.25 EPS vs $0.21 estimates and Revenues $51.5 million versus $46.65 million estimates.  It also raised guidance: $0.28 to $0.30 EPS on $53.5 to $55.5 million, versus estimates of $0.25 EPS and $49.4 million revenues. traded up over 7% to $53.53 in regular trading, which is a new high above the $20.94 to $50.53 trading range over the last 52-weeks.  If that wasn’t enough, shares are up another 10% at $58.00+ in after-hours trading.

Whether we were skeptical of the results being worth a continued trading surge is immaterial. turned in the sort results we’d have expected to continue the run.  As of the close, had roughly a $2.0 Billion market cap. 

If we applied the same sort of upside to estimates on a smoothed out basis and a gradualizing for 2008 consensus estimates of $1.24 EPS then we’d come up with a range of $1.34 to $1.42 (estimated) new range and a mid-point of $1.38 would give this one a forward 2008 P/E of just over 42. That is less than half the 96 forward 2008 P/E of  Unfortunately, making the comparison is not apples to apples.

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Jon C. Ogg
October 29, 2007

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