This week on Stockhouse March 3 – 7

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Another unstable week had the Dow and the TSX down most of the week on continuing credit concerns and a darker U.S. economic outlook.

Despite closing slightly higher Wednesday, stocks on both sides of the border couldn’t recover from last week’s fall as the Dow spent most of the week down on a weak construction sector, further credit market concerns, and lowered consumer confidence.  Trouble at the banks and worries about the U.S. economy kept the TSX on a sharp decline through the week.

On Monday…

Luke Brocki dug into the recent ups and downs of the uranium companies in Uranium price cycle near bottom.

Learn more about gold stocks and how to profit from them in Get Ready – here come the gold stocks!

In Turning point for Western Prospector, Stockhouse columnist Danny Deadlock provided an update on the mining company, currently sitting on 20 million pounds of uranium in Mongolia.

Trader Thoughts provided an update on the continuing turmoil in the auction rate securities market and looked at Ben Bernanke’s semi-annual testimony before Congress in Bears back in business.

Then on Tuesday…

Why is the gold bull market not attracting the public’s interest? Boris Sobolev investigated in Crowds still not rushing into gold.

In Welcome to “The Room”, Casey Research looked back on the important news of last week.

On Wednesday…

Weekly Wizards provided a Q&A with Jay Matulich of Septos Capital Management, in Start of bottoming process?

In Mid-Day Minute, Mike Paulenoff looked at a potential Counter-trend upmove in S&P500.

Will blood substitutes be able to fill the medical need? looked at Synthetic Blood International (OTC: BB: SYBD, Bullboard), one company attempting to do so, in An alternative to the blood industry.

Stockhouse market reporter Robert Arber provided a look at three speakers at PDAC’s Investors Forum: Lawrence Roulston, Ian Gordon, and Adrian Day

On Thursday…

Stockhouse market reporter Robert Arber continued his series on the six speakers at PDAC’s Investors Forum with Paul van Eeden and Jay Taylor.

Buzz on the Markets had Stockhouse investors discussing the Morning market slide.

Natural gas is pushing highs, in the Mid-day Minute. looked at gold explorers that are Shining as gold peaks.

Stockhouse market reporter Robert Arber posed the question: Is natural gas headed toward an end-of-winter breakout?

Finally, on Friday…

In Financially Fit, Nancy Zambell looked at the explosion in ETFs, and details some of the more common ETF families. reported on a company looking to revolutionize the aviation reservation business in Ultitek is hoping to soar to new heights.

Robert Arber, Stockhouse market reporter, finished his series on six of the speakers at PDAC’s Investors Forum with David Skarica.