This week on Stockhouse February 25 – 29

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The Dow and the TSX have had a volatile week, spending most of it up on commodities and news of big buybacks

Wall Street began a downward turn Thursday that continued with heavy selling on Friday, as investors were faced with lower-than-expected earnings, worries about unemployment claims, and the prospect of more bank failures. The TSX struggled to maintain a weekly high brought on by big gains in commodities, energy, and financials.

On Monday…

Peter Leeds, the Penny Stock Professional, took a contrarian view in The speculative premium and suggested that now is the time to add penny stocks to your portfolio.

Danny Deadlock provided an update on past picks, noting the continuing strength of the platinum play, Pacific Northwest. 

Luke Brocki reported on the fall of Uranium One, following the company’s slashed production forecast and resignation of founder and CEO on Thursday, in Uranium One investors having a tough week.

In RRSP Strategies: Part 10, Preet Banerjee looked a riskier way to get a 70%+ return on your contributions.

Trader Thoughts looked at this week’s trading action, reporting that front-line indexes remain confined within last week’s trading range, in That 70s Show! 

Then on Tuesday…

Casey Research looked at the rise of gold in Hey, how ‘bout that gold?, and noted its relation to the inflation rate.

The 24/7 Wall St. News Desk looked at five companies generating news this week, including InNexus Biotechnology, shares of which dropped 4% early in the week after its preclinical candidate for breast cancer was poorly received by the market. 

In a biotech and medical sector special report, gave the rundown on three companies to keep an eye on in this often overlooked area.

On Wednesday…

In More on gold stocks versus gold bullion, Steven Saville took a contrarian view on gold investing, suggesting a way for you to outperform the market. 

Donald W. Dony reviewed the reasons why oil prices will continue to rise in $100+ oil price is here to stay.   

Stockhouse investors wanted to know: Is there a Short squeeze in silver?

On Thursday…

In a continuation of his series on the Ten solid clean energy companies to buy on the cheap, Tom Konrad looked at National Grid, listed number two.

Mike Paulenoff, author of the, looked at Where to spend your cash in today’s Weekly Wizards.

Is outsourcing really a bad thing? said no, in Holmes BioPharma – a valued partner in the R&D industry.

Finally, on Friday…

Learn more about the return to the use of windmills in Dakshidin Corporation is blowin’ in the wind with its Mark 10 mill.

Financially Fit looked at 401(k)s, IRAs and Roth IRAs in Time to max out those retirement plans!