This week on Stockhouse March 10-14

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Fed’s actions lead to extreme highs and lows in the markets this week.

The Fed and other central banks’ announced plan to ease subprime woes and S&P’s optimistic outlook for the financial sector couldn’t bring the Dow back from last week’s lows. The TSX was pulled down by commodities and energy, though a surge in gold stocks provided a short-lived boost on Thursday as gold hit the $1,000 mark.

On Monday…

In Microcap Monday, Danny Deadlock looked at a biotech company on the cutting edge of Alzheimer’s research and an IPTV company that is being overlooked.

Luke Brocki investigated why some analysts aren’t in agreement about the future of uranium.

In PDAC: Gold in Indonesia is only the beginning, Stockhouse community member joes2cents shared his thoughts about Southern Arc and his PDAC experience.

In the Mid-day Minute, UltraShort S&P climbed to a new recovery high.

Then on Tuesday…

Jason Moschella, a member of the Stockhouse community, took a look at the Canadian equity market, beginning with energy.  Look for more from Jason or visit his Stockhouse blog, Jason’s Market Thoughts.

Jocelynn Drake examined why, despite some major weaknesses, some analysts are optimistic about SunTech Power in Have sunny trading days set on SunTech Power?

David Galland reported on why the dollar is headed lower.

The Mid-day Minute showed that Qs have more room to advance.

On Wednesday…

Steven Saville reported on two gold stock scenarios, and explained why profits can be expected by May.

Bud Conrad, Chief Economist at Casey Research, explored the idea of recession, GDP and inflation, posing the question: Inflation, deflation or stagflation?

Jason Moschella returned with part two of his look at the Canadian equity sector, with Canadian banks.

Today’s Mid-day Minute showed why the Dow Transports look higher.

In Weekly Wizards, Harry Boxer picked Global Sources as his Chart of the Day.

Roy Martens expected silver prices to advance on gold in A golden future for silver.

The 24/7 Wall St. News Desk looked at Canadian bank shares that are trading in different directions.

On Thursday…

Greg Silberman looked to Australia as an indicator of the future of the U.S. economy in Aussie monetary policy a forecast for the USA.

The Mid-day Minute looked at the Financial Select SPDR.

Tom Conrad investigated whether Composite Technology Corporation is still a buy.

In Best of the Blogs, Timothy Sykes’ blog was highlighted as one to keep an eye on.

Finally, on Friday…

Nancy Zambell looked at small-cap options for ETF investors and how to choose the right one for you. profiled e.Digital and its on demand services for the airline industry.

Want to invest with $5,000 to $10,000? Dudley Pierce Baker tells you how.

The Mid-Day Minute looked at a rally in DCR.

Stockhouse member Kevin Graham shared his thoughts on keeping the retail investor in the loop in Gold company a beacon in the night.