This week on Stockhouse April 14 – 18

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Unpredictable week for U.S. stocks on mixed earnings reports

Wall Street started the week down, on news of an unexpected loss at Wachovia. Tuesday and Wednesday saw U.S. stocks up on better-than-expected earnings reports from the financial sector as well as IBM, Coca-Cola, and Intel. Thursday’s mix of both upbeat and bleak earnings reports lead to a volatile session that ended with U.S. stocks slightly higher. And, stocks soared Friday following Google and Citigroup financials. The TSX spent the week up on rising oil prices and commodities, reaching a five-month high Thursday on financials and energy stocks.

On Monday… 

The morning global news report highlighted a debate over biofuels in England’s politicos debate energy policies.

Darryl Robert Schoon returned to the front page with more on the world’s teetering credit-based economies in Central banking: Why fix what doesn’t work?

Danny Deadlock looked at a stumbling junior gold company with fresh eyes in Value seen in junior gold stock.

News from the uranium market as Luke Brocki brought his weekly update to Stockhouse.

Buzz listened in on Bullboard activity as Stockhouse members discussed stock markets and commodities, specifically oil shale.

Troy Schwensen reported to Stockhouse from The Global Speculator, where he noted that Silver equities enter buying zone.

A Calgary shale gas play proved to be a winner today, and Buzz on the Boards went in search of what was being said on the Bullboard before the news hit the wire in Shale gas company moves on newspaper piece.

And if you missed them over the weekend, Stockhouse published a number of articles by staff writers, including a roundup of suggestions for profiting in a down market, a recap of big movers on the TSX and the TSX Venture, and an update on legal woes facing Charles Schwab in the wake of the credit crisis.

Then on Tuesday…

Colin Cieszynski reported on Canadian markets outperforming on rising commodity prices.

In the Mid-day Minute, there was a new upleg in the Brazil ETF.

Is the S&P 500 offering investors attractive valuations or a bull trap? Donald W. Dony investigated.

Keith Fitz-Gerald told us why China’s economic advance is all but unstoppable.

On Wednesday…

Steven Saville told us why the topping process in commodities is continuing.

Colin Cieszynski, of CMC Markets Canada, reported: Equity markets react favourably to mixed news development.

In Weekly Wizards, Harry Boxer had three commodities trades that could move higher.

Jennifer Yousfi wrote about how to outperform the market with spin-offs.

SH market reporter Robert Arber reported on carbon trading: what it is and how it works.

On Thursday…

In a continuation of his article How to “invest” with $5,000 to $10,000, Dudley Pierce Baker upped the ante, looking at investing with $25,000 to $50,000, in the natural resource sector. Look for the final installment of this series next week.

Joseph Hargett of Schaeffer’s Research previewed Caterpillar’s upcoming earnings report.

In the Mid-day Minute, there was a constructive pattern for SPY.

Colin Cieszynski, of CMC Markets, reported: Equities continue to build bases, copper nears key resistance test.

Finally, on Friday…

In Financially Fit, Nancy Zambell looked at bonds and bond funds, and explained which is right for you and what risks are involved.

SH market reporter Robert Arber rounded up a three-article series on carbon trading. Check out the first two installments from April 16 and April 17.

Preet Banerjee warned: Be careful not to confuse management fees with MERs.

LIBOR sends another shaky signal to the global financial markets, according to Martin Hutchinson.

Colin Cieszynski looked at key resistance tests that may be underway today, and told us that capital leaving the resource sector may be moving to financials in Canada.

In the Mid-day Minute, it was a big day for SPY.

SH member RCisback took a turn on the front page with A speculative ride on the Venture.