Media Digest 7/2/2010

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Reuters:   Maria Cantwell (D-WA) will support the Senate financial reform bill, giving Democrats a boost.

Reuters:   Automakers had a setback in June, an indication that the industry is facing slow growth.

Reuters:   The House passed a bill to extend jobless benefits, but the Senate may reject it.

Reuters:   Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) bought Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone game maker Tabulous.Reuters:   Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) bought online travel software company ITA Software for $700 million.

Reuters:   Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) bought Scalent.

Reuters:   Ed Whitacre of GM said 2010 would be a good year for the company’s IPO

WSJ:   Habitat for Humanity became one of the ten largest homebuilders in the US.

WSJ:   France and Germany are at odds over how Europe should be rebuilt

WSJ:   Mortgage bonds backed by the US government have become more attractive.

WSJ:   There is confusion about how the new financial reform bill will treat derivatives.

WSJ:   Deepwater drilling off Cuba threatens Florida beaches.

WSJ:   Healthcare companies are facing huge changes in how they do business.

WSJ:   Goldman Sachs Group (NYSE: GS) is defending its actions on trades with American International Group (NYSE: AIG) during the financial crisis.

WSJ:   Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is still allowing Google ads on its iPhone and iPad.

WSJ:   GE (NYSE: GE) said that CEO Jeff Immelt’s attacks on China and President Obama do not reflect the firm’s views.

WSJ:   Blockbuster will be delisted from the NYSE.

WSJ:   As factory activity rebounds many workers do not have the necessary skills.

FT:   Fears are growing over slow economic demand.

FT:   Apple is pushing its on-demand movies business segment of its iTunes store.

Bloomberg:   Portable missile defend plans may cost $43 billion.

Bloomberg:   Carl Icahn says he owns 38% of Lions Gate.

Douglas A. McIntyre