How To Become A Penny Stock Millionaire

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The advertisement at several financial website reads

“23-year-old college student John Bell isn’t like most of his classmates. In 2009 he turned a $10,000 student loan into $1,000,000 by betting on risky penny stocks. John has now decided to teach his “penny stock secrets” for free at his at his new website. John claims he can teach anyone how to make $10,000 a month. He even taught his mother…”

So, John and his mother each must be well-to-do.

The advertisement is posted by Stock Market Magic. The headline the company posts is “How to Hack the Stock Market”

There is a little quiz to get at the real information. “Test your investing instincts below. If you’re smart enough, I’ll personally teach you how I made $10,000 a month trading stocks…”

The marketing message adds, “Look, I don’t want to be rude – But I’m looking for a small group of intelligent investors to be taught my stock market loophole.” It turns out that it is not necessary to answer any of the questions to get to the “secret”

Let’s hope the answer is “buy low and sell high”

Douglas A. McIntyre