Late December Holiday Sales Surge

Weekly U.S. Retail Chain Store Sales Snapshot provided by Goldman Sachs and ICSC showed that figures for the latter part of the shopping season surged

The report showed

Down to the wire, consumers had a full shopping week ahead of Christmas Day 2011 (since it occurred on a Sunday), which boosted the unadjusted year‐over‐year arithmetic for the week ending on Christmas eve compared with a holiday‐shortened week in 2010. This calendar boost will be reversed in the final week of the fiscal month and adds noise for assessing the raw weekly performance. However, adjusted for that calendar mismatch, the ICSC‐Goldman Sachs (ICSC‐GS) weekly chain store sales index still rose by a solid 0.9% for the week ending December 24 compared with the prior week, providing evidence of a strong two‐week finish to the 2011 holiday season.