Bye-Bye to AMR (AMR, AAR, AAMRQ)

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AMR Corporation (NYSE: AMR) is now AMR Corporation (AAMRQ) and it was a stock we recently said was one of ten public stocks which would not survive 2012.  That is happening today and it is not just AMR which is getting whacked.

An SEC Filing shows that on top of AMR, the following securities are being delisted:

7.875% PINES (Public Income Notes) due 2039 (ticker symbol AAR),
9.00% Debentures due 2016 (ticker symbol AMR 16) to the NYSE’s suspension and delisting procedures. 

These securities are now being delisted and will go OTC prior to the opening of the market on Thursday, January 5, 2012.  In other words, today.

How to kill your shareholders….