US Public Spreads the Blame for High Gasoline Prices

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When it comes to assigning blame for the current high prices for gasoline, the US public focuses its ire most on the President and his administration. According to a survey from Pew Research and the Washington Post, 18% of Americans surveyed think President Obama gets most of the blame.

Another 14% blame US oil companies and 11% blame the Iran and tensions in the Middle East. Speculators get just 4% of the vote, as do Congress and US consumers who drive inefficient vehicles.

It’s no surprise that the President Obama gets most of the votes because, after all, he is in charge. A third of self-identified Republicans place most of the blame on the President, while only 5% of Democrats say Obama deserves most of the blame.

For some reason, a global demand/supply imbalance gets no mention. Probably because that would require a little thought.

The Pew Center story is available here.