The 10 Most Counterfeited Products in America

10. Toys
> Value: $13.6 million
> Pct. of total seizures: 1%

The federal government is holding onto a few gifts from Santa. The CBP seized $13.6 million worth of knock-off toys in 2012, down nearly 38% compared to the previous year. Approximately $10.5 million worth of toys seized in 2012 originated in China, by far more than any other country. Toys were also the most smuggled item from Taiwan in terms of value, with approximately $1.7 million worth of the items seized in 2012. Randazzo noted that a wide range of counterfeit toys have been seized, although the seizures of counterfeit bicycles have increased as of late.

9. Labels/Tags
> Value: $26.3 million
> Pct. of total seizure value: 2%

More than $26 million worth of labels and tags were seized in 2012, down nearly 80% from the $127 million worth seized in 2011. About $7.3 million worth of seized labels and tags in 2012 originated from China, while more than $3 million worth came from Hong Kong. Randazzo said she believes that the large drop in the seizures is merely due to the lower value of the labels and tags and the amount seized in each case. However, the 796 seizures where labels and tags were confiscated was up from 706 compared to 2011.

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8. Computers/Accessories
> Value: $34.7 million
> Pct. of total seizure value: 3%

The total value of counterfeit computers and accessories seized in 2012 was more than 50% higher compared to 2011. Yet these products were only seized 833 times in 2012, down from 1,069 back in 2011, meaning that the average seizure value was much higher in 2012. More than 90% of the products seized originated from mainland China or Hong Kong, with the value totaling $18.3 million and $13.4 million, respectively.

7. Optical Media
> Value: $38.4 million
> Pct. of total seizure value: 3%

Although it represented only 3% of the value of all seized items in 2012, optical media was seized by CBP agents nearly 2,900 times in 2012, making the product the third-most confiscated item. However, this was down from more than 4,200 seizures in 2011, when optical media was second only to clothing and accessories in terms of total number of seizures. Despite this, the $38.4 million value of the seized goods was higher than the approximately $35 million seized in 2011, indicating that the average value of each seizure was greater. Since optical media only includes tangible items such as movies or music on a CD and not digital transmission, the real scope of media counterfeits is likely significantly understated by these figures.

6. Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care
> Value: $83.0 million
> Pct. of total seizure value: 7%

An estimated $83 million worth of pharmaceuticals and personal care products were seized in 2012, down from nearly $142 million just a year earlier. China was responsible for most of the seized counterfeit drugs and personal care items, with an estimated $46.9 million worth of products. In addition, pharmaceutical and personal care products constituted 76% of seizures of products originating in India, with an MSRP of over $5.3 million. Randazzo explained that while India has a large legitimate pharmaceutical industry, it also has a significant counterfeit industry.